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A Virtual Tour of the sites
of the Mobile Mardi Gras Trail 
A History of the Yellow Fever Epidemic in Mobile 
The economic  importance of
Mardi Gras on the Gulf Coast and around the country
from the Civil War to World War I 
​New Research on the
Origins of the American Mardi Gras 

The Real Life of JOE CAIN 


 Student rates (groups of 15 or more)

 $6.50 -- 45 minute tour

$7.50 -- 70 minute tour

1 teacher is free for each 15 students 
Bus drivers are also free

To bring nineteenth and twentieth century history alive by allow students to experience first hand, the places in their own city that were essential to the country's  early social, cultural and economic development. 

When students leave they should: 

-- have a greater understanding of how Mobile's history fits into the big picture of American history from the eighteenth century through the turn-of-the century. 

-- gain a better undestanding of nineteenth and early twentieth-century social and cultural history 

-- be better able to understand what life was like in the United States during the steamship era, and the important role played by Mobile and  the country's other urban ports. 

-- think more critically about how history is recorded and written

For Teachers:
The traditional Mardi Gras Trail tour covers the history of Mobile as well as its mystic parading tradition from the Colonial Period to World War II.

Most of the emphasis is on the years 1830 - 1900. but the discussion can be tweaked to emphasize and provide more detail from any time period you are studying at the time of your tour.

The tour covers the basic turning points in American history but also includes new research, revealing much more about what life was really like in the urban Gulf Coast before, during and after the Civil War, than they can gain in any textbook. 

 After you register, you will receive an email requesting more information about your students, your expectations for the trip. This will help us reinforce and enhance what you are teaching in the classroom. 

Our goal is to make the experience RELEVANT for both students and teachers. 

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