As you walk north down Royal toward St. Michael Street be sure to stop on the corner of St. Francis, where the Battle House Hotel is located. 

The Battle House was the site of many nineteenth century New Years Eve and Mardi Gras balls and dinners. 

Before the Battle House opened in 1852, the hotel located here in the 1840's was the Waverly, which accomodated the post-parade balls of the Cowbellions on New Years Eve before it burned in 1850. 

For more history of the Waverly Hotel Click Here:
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When the Battle House Hotel opened in 1852, it became the center of Mobile's social scene 

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A description of watching the Cowbellion parade from the balcony of the Battle House Hotel on New Year's Eve, 1875

 Cleveland Ledger, January 3, 1876

Joe Cain and his Lost Cause Minstrels began their 1870 parade from the Battle House. The next year they on the next block, on the corner of Dauphin and Royal, at the photography shop of Henry Hughes. 

New Orleans Item, February 13, 1905