Mother of Mystics


Mobile claims the honor and the claim has never been disputed of being the “Mother of Mystics.” She is the originator of the now famous Creole Carnivals which are given every year in all their glory. The carnivals originated in a spirit of fun on Christmas eve, 1830, and was until later years recognized as a distinct Mobilian institution. 

Marshfield News and Wisconsin Hub (Marshfield, Wisconsin), February 1, 1906
The Gulf City justly claims to be the mother of mystics in this country, and Mardi Gras is always celebrated there in grand style and with a true spirit of the occasion. 

Biloxi Herald, April 5, 1898

New Haven Register,
New Haven Connecticut, February 22, 1882. 

...That [the Cowbellions] comprehend the genius of their people and cater to their love for rich color and poetic spectacle, by the marvelous fact of a respect and love that, in all these long years, has never produced one harsh nor one lewd word; and beyond this we only know they are The Mystics.

                     Commercial Advertiser
(New York), January 15, 1872, 1.