Comic Cowboys 

Founded in 1884

In 1888, the Biloxi Herald refered to Dave levi,
founder of the Comic Cowboys as 

Mobile’s favorite comedian, and the last amateur specialty actor in the South.

Biloxi Herald, June 23, 1888

The second parade of the Comic Cowboys in 1885,  portrayed Mobile and its leadership as a circus ...

The Komic Keow Boys (sic.), represented a traveling circus, with fifteen large floats for animal cages and sideshows, riders on pads, snake charmers, etc. It wa and extremely clever parody on the circus craze, from the band wagon to the calliope screaming at the rear. Shouts of laughter greeted the Keow Boys all along the line, and their procession was voted superior to the clever parody last year of "Dr. Carver's Wildest Westest Show."

Times Picayune, February 18, 1885

   Times Picayune, February 15, 1888

In 1897, the Infant Mystic Society temporarily disbanded and the Comic Cowboys created a float in their honor...

  Times Picayune, March 3, 1897

 In 1905, the Comic Cowboys' theme reflected Mobile's optimism for the future.

The Comic Cowboys appeared yesterday evening the occasion being the twenty-first anniversary of the organization. The famous Cow Boy Band appeared in the foreground. Then followed the Emblem Float...a large pedestal surmounted by a circle with the following inscription: "Comic Cowboys, Twenty-first anniversary." The subject: "Mobile's Progress." A large jumping jack stood out in bold relief, signifying that the city is on the jump. The jack was automatic ad was kept on the go. A large Newfoundland dog dressed in a man's attire stood on the rear and kept a sharp look out for trouble. 

Montgomery Advertiser, February 17, 1905
 In their 1907 parade, the Comic Cowboys featured a float aimed at those who had recently stated their opposition to young men and women using trolley cars to escape alone together.  

In 1909,the Comic Cowboys returned to their theme of Mobile's government as a circus.