The Mobile Mardi Gras Trail Sponsorships

The Mobile Mardi Gras Trail is a non-profit initiative, is a project of the Historic Mobile Preservation Society, created to increase community engagement in Mobile's history and the arts.

The Historic Mobile Preservation Society placed its first historic markers in the city in the 1930s, which can be seen today on the corner of Royal and Theater Streets and in front of the Conde-Charlotte House. HMPS has placed many markers at historic sites in Mobile over the past eighty years and is now proposing its most significant contribution to the recognition of Mobile’s historic past, commemorating the location of the first mystic parades, which brought national acclaim to the city for their grandeur and artistry,and inspired the American Mardi Gras  tradition. 
The Mardi Gras Trail a series of historic markers which tell the real story of the first 100 years of mystic parades in Mobile and provide a clear visual map of Mobile's social and cultural development, supported by online resources and documentation.

Altogether, the sites of the Trail reveal the connection between Mobile's Mardi Gras and the city’s rich history as a busy urban port and a center of culture in the Deep South.

Guided tours of the Mardi Gras Trail are now available daily, the only guided walking tours in the city. Click here to Register
The installation of bricks and historic markers, educational programs provided for the public, as well as materials for students in the classroom are all funded entirely through corporate and private sponsorships.
The Historic Mobile Preservation Society is a non-profit 501C3 organization. Its main support comes from private, corporate and individual sponsors. With this support, the HMPS creates programs like the Mobile Mardi Gras Trail, designed to increase awareness of the city’s unique and irreplaceable history, inspire unity and engage the Mobile community in an appreciation of our common heritage.
All contributions are tax-deductible.

 We also view corporate/non-profit partnerships as essential to community progress and welcome ideas and opportunities to work with you in any capacity.

Each brick on the Mardi Gras Trail  is a part of Mobile's history.  
Click to see the bricks and read their stories. 

​All together the bricks of Mobile's Mardi Gras Trail are a collage of Mobile's families, heroes, music, historic homes, and mystic associations.

They weave together the people and places that have created this city of celebration. 

Corporate Partners    &  Individual Sponsors
All Sponsors Receive:
VIP ticket to HMPS Summer Dinner and Concert on the River 
Newsletters with updates on the progress of the Trail and historical information about the sites on the Trail as well as other preservation news posted regularly.
Website recognition
20% discount on all MMGT tours and special events

All sponsors’ names and/or business logos appear on: website (with an average of 2,500 hits per month)

eNewsletter (send weekly to mailing list of approximately 350)

Friends $85 & up
Includes one 4 X 8 brick at any of the Mardi Gras Trail sites, inscribed with two lines of text
Green $115 & up
Includes one 4 X 8 brick at any of the Mardi Gras Trail sites, inscribed with three lines of text
Purple $300 & up
 Includes three 4 X 8 bricks at any of the Mardi Gras Trail sites, inscribed with up to three lines of text
Gold $600 & up

Logo or text featured on three 4 X 8 bricks or four 8 X 8 bricks at the location(s) of your choice.
--Name or company logo featured on website, newsletter and tour brochures.
(Brocures are distributed each month to tourists and residents, available in hotels, museums and at the Visit Mobile Welcome Center.)
Presenting Sponsor $1200 & up

The logo or text of your choice on a 16” X 20” granite plaque
at any ONE of the MMGT locations
Presenting Sponsors also receive:
 --Name or logo featured prominently on website, blog and newsletter.
-- Designated as a “presenting” sponsor for media presentations, online and printed materials before and during all events. 
--Name or company logo featured on tour brochures.

The Mobile Mardi Gras Trail is a project of the Historic Mobile Preservation Society, a 501 C3 organization dedicated to historic preservation, public education and community engagement. All donations are tax deductible.
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If this is intended as a gift, please include the recipient's name, mailing address and email.
They will receive a certificate by mail and the Mobile Mardi Gras Trail newsletter by email. 

Site Selection and projected installation date: 
___ The foot of Government Street at the River (October 2017)
___ Corner of Government and Royal Street (October 2017)
___ St. Francis near Bienville Square (October 2017)
___ Corner of Government and Washington Ave. (January 2018)
___ Royal Street between Conti and St. Francis St. (January 2018)
___ Corner of Broad and Spring Hill Ave  (May 2018)
___ Corner of Broad and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Ave. (May 2018)
___ Augusta Street between Broad and Marine Street (May 2018)

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Historic Mobile Preservation Society
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 300 Oakleigh Place
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